How it works? is an easy to use, quick and efficient container booking platform. We pride ourselves in being one of the fastest container shipping platform on the web. You do not have to be an expert at logistics or freight to book a container on our platform You do not need to download or install any software, or go through the tedious process of signing up and waiting for someone to call you and collect sensitive information about your business. We have spent countless hours, to create a quick and safe container booking platform for you.

We understand you are very busy and do not have an entire day to book a container. You can now book a container in under two minutes with We help you find the fastest route for your container all the to your warehouse through our custom built route optimizator called, ‘Cloud-route.’ Cloud- route helps you save both time and money when you are booking a container on

Once you have booked a container you can then use our, track and trace system to find out exactly where your container is in real time. No more waiting for your agent or stressing about your containers location. prides itself in being an 100% transparent organization. We always provide the breakdown of cost for your understanding. There are no hidden fees or any extra subscription costs to use Explore further to learn more about how works and how easy it is for anyone to use on any web connected device.

Insert you FOB port of origin and the final destination ex. your warehouse address. You then select if you would like to have a Full Container Load (FCL) or Limited Container Load (LCL) shipped to you. If you would like to have FCL, please select the type and quantity of container required and then click the search button. If you would like to have LCL, please insert the volume of goods and weight and then click the search button.

You can then easily sort the offers provided based on fastest transit time, lowest price and rate validity and simply click the, ‘Book Now’ button. Please note, the arrival time is an estimated time of arrival (ETA) we are able to confirm the actual arrival time once your shipper has the good ready.

Insert the details of your shipper and you are all set and done. At this stage we strongly recommend insurance. Your cargo is precious and no one can ever predict an act of God. However, insurance also protects you in case a general average is declared for your cargo.

You are all set and done. We will contact your supplier (shipper) at once and send you notifications each step of the way. Once shipment is departed you can live track your goods with our track and trace feature right on your mobile phone or desktop anytime.

We welcome you to try for yourself today and see how easy and satisfying it can be to book a container with us.


1. What is is a free to use online booking platform which enables you to get an instant quote and to book your container shipment in under 60 seconds offering multiple carrier choice, online insurance and destination handling. It allows you to be more effective and efficient with our supply chain optimization background knowledge. With you can book your FCL (Full Container Load) Dry Containers on FOB Incoterms® only. Current process of ocean freight forwarding is burdened with inefficiency, lack of multiple carrier choices and hidden charges from freight forwarders. We aim to solve this problem by leveraging technology and good honest customer service. Currently our platform instantly gives you FOB rates for more than 20 of the largest Chinese ports with POD in EU countries (and growing daily). It also gives you the ability to prearrange customs procedure (or T1) and delivery to your destination location which drastically cut time spent with your current provider (freight forwarder) for your every container shipment.

2. Who are we?

We are a unique team with more than 40 years of industry knowledge, especially freight forwarding, technology, customer service and business development. We obtain and retain customers by providing the largest amount of options possible, being totally transparent in our pricing and the best customer service experience this industry has ever seen.

3. Why do we do this?

There is ongoing need for supply chain optimization and transparency while every company is cutting their logistic costs and minimizing critical stock quantity. We don’t agree that for simple process like Dry Container booking high margins should be paid. That is why our mission is to offer our knowledge free of charge to any client who is importing cargo from FOB point A to point B. Around the world.

4. What is a Dry Container?

Dry containers are suitable for most types of cargo either to carry solid dry goods like coal, grain, steel products, ore and other similar products in loose form. They are also used for any cardboard packed goods – like shoes, textile, electronics or any other kind of general cargo. At we offer dry cargo booking only.

5. What are the sizes of Dry Containers?

There are multiple sizes available but most often are used 20’ (33cbm), 40’ (67cbm), 40’HC (76cbm) and with some carriers also 45’HC (85cbm). Length, width and high can be seen at container size selection on our booking portal.

6. Do you offer also other type of container equipment?

No! Reefers, Flat rack platforms, Open-top containers and other special equipment need special approach for handling and you should contact your selected carrier or local freight forwarder.

7. I am small importer, can I still use your platform?

Sure, we welcome you to book with us. This platform is optimized for SME (small and medium) businesses with yearly import between 1 and 5000 TEU. No matter the size, you still get to use it for free!

8. Ok, I am bigger importer with 5.000+ TEU per year. What about me?

Even better. We welcome you to send us your contact details at and you will be contacted from one of our key account manager for further steps. Benefits for you at such volume are even bigger due to time and cost savings per container.

9. I don’t have FOB price on our invoice. There is some other (EXW, CIF)...

Do not worry! It is (usually) simple solution to that, you (or your purchasing department) just have to ask your supplier for FOB price – they should provide it as they are just commercial terms.

10. Why is FOB best commercial incoterm?

If you will ask 10 different people you will get 5 different opinions. Here is ours. For us most important part of every business are buyers. They are paying for goods, transportation (even if you think you are not on prepaid terms), customs clearance, etc. If your terms are prepaid (if supplier is organizing and ‘paying’ for transport) you never have control over carrier and by that transport time and transport price. With EXW you will be paying sky-high origin local charges (up to 10x higher then locals do) and just because of that only cost and time efficient commercial term is FOB.

11. I would love to book my container however my destination is missing…

We are really sorry to hear that. Although that we are trying to add destinations on weekly basis, for some countries there are local procedures to be followed along with country regulations. Please let me know what port you would like us to add at

12. Do I need to insure my shipment?

Well, you don’t need to but you should. And just because that there are greater risks to be covered than just your cargo value. If General Average (GA) is declared and you are not insured it could easily mean that you will close your business. For good!

13. What if I need cargo delivered to my warehouse or my door?

Not a problem. Your selected destination agent will give you a quote, either a little bit slower rail delivery or faster truck delivery. You can also cross dock your shipment and deliver it to your door with tilt truck or any other type of vehicle. Just ask us, we are your partner.

14. How secure is

You never have to insert your credit card details, we don’t keep your shipments details but we still use world class 128bit encryption technologies used by online banks. It is best you can get!

15. Great! When and How can I start?

Immediately, what are you waiting for? Go to, register and then just start by selecting your POL (port of loading). You will progress as you are selecting options and you are done under 60 seconds. If you still feel more cozy being guided over the phone, select your free local number and give us a call – we would love to help you!

16. How easy is to use

It is super easy. If you ever booked a hotel at you are more than ready.

17. How can I be sure that my container will get space on-board? has booked space with most carriers which allows us to guarantee space for your container(s) at appointed vessel.

18. Why don’t you offer booking by vessel schedule?

We could but it would mean double work for you and us. In more than 85% supplier’s promise of production date at the time of submitting your purchase order are wrong. When you place booking we immediately check cargo readiness date and accordingly to that information we submit your booking to selected carrier.

19. I have some more questions for you!

We are happy to answer all of them! Either via e-mail ( or over the phone at our toll-free number listed at the webpage.